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Become a Reiki Student

Whether you want to learn Reiki so you can use it on yourself, family, friends or pets, or you feel a calling to healing work, it's a great modality to have and to be able to call upon when needed. Please read the below information carefully regarding costs/deposits.

Reiki I
Reiki II
Advanced Reiki Training
Reiki Master/Teacher

Level I: Teaches history, Reiki principals, hand placement, chakras, intentions, expectations. Hands on practice. You will receive your first attunement. You may then practice self-Reiki as well as on your family, friends & pets. However, you may not charge for doing so. Receive your "Level 1" certification.

Level II: Teaches distant Reiki, symbols, and is a refresher of everything previously learned. You will receive your second attunement and after completion of this level you are considered a Reiki Practitioner and are then able to do distant and/or in-person Reiki for a fee. Receive your "Level 2" certification.

Level III: Advanced training, may include use of a Reiki box, crystals & grids, the science behind Reiki, and body scanning. Learn guided meditations, go over expectations and intentions. You will receive your Master symbol and attunement at this time. Receive your "Level 3/Advanced Reiki Training" certification.

Master/Teacher: If approved, this level prepares you to teach Reiki to others. Refresher of all that was learned previously. Discussions including expectations, intentions and personal responsibility. Learn how to give each of the attunements. Receive your "Master/Teacher" certification.

Each class is a min of 2 full days (4-6 hrs/each). Email "innercalmreiki@gmail.com" for additional information or to arrange classes.

Review fee: If you have not taken previous levels with me, there is a review fee for each class. Reiki I is $100. Reiki II is $150, Advanced Reiki III is $200 & a review of Master/Teacher level is $300. This is in addition to the cost of the level you wish to be trained in and is a prerequisite if you have not studied with me previously. The cost includes that level attunement if you should desire it.

Reiki is recognized in many hospitals, cancer centers and even the military. It's safe for all ages and conditions. It's not a replacement therapy for traditional medicine, but rather a complementary one. People of all ages can receive, as well as learn Reiki.

All available classes:

Group Reiki Healing & Meditation - a guided meditation, that includes a mini hands-on Reiki healing session for each participant.

Reiki Classes - Extensive training (including Power Point presentation), taught in 4 levels...Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Advanced Reiki Training (ART) and Master/Teacher.

Reiki Refresher - Required for anyone who didn't take Reiki with me previously or for anyone who hasn't used it in awhile and just wants a refresher course on it.

Healing Crystals - Informative look at crystals, their healing properties & care.

The Gift of Guided Meditation - Teaches participants how to do a guided meditation for themselves and others.

Introduction to Reiki - Informative talk & Power Point presentation explaining Reiki, how it's done and it's benefits. Includes a guided meditation.

Mindful Mandala - Using 12x12 black canvas & paint pens, each participant creates a mandala to keep. Includes a guided meditation and focus on letting go. Supplies would be provided. (Sample available if interested).

Mixed Media Fun Faces - Learning the basics of how to draw faces. Whimsical & semi-realistic. Great activity for a girl's night, kid's party, group or individual lessons. "Arting" is a creative, relaxing, healthy outlet!

Initial Auragraph - Using their initial drawn in a circle each participant will create a keepsake drawing that depicts their likes and interests. Includes a guided meditation and focus on going within. (Sample available if interested).